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A multiband feed can provide added capacity to a single reflector aperture when budgets and real estate are constrained. A multiband feed will add frequency and polarization agility to a single antenna, reducing the need for additional site expansion. Many existing reflectors and sites can be upgraded with a multiband feed with a minor investment.

We can supply multi-band feed systems for commercial and military SATCOM applications as well as radio astronomy and remote sensing applications.

Feeder Network Configuration:

2-port RX, 4-port RX/TX or dual-band RX, 6-port RX/TX or triple-band RX

Frequency Bands:

S / C / X / Ku / DBS / Ka Band


Linear or/and circular polarization

Power Handling

Up to 2kW

Examples include C, X, Ku, Ka band as well as simultaneous X/Ka, Ku/Ka, X/Ku, Ku/Ku-Reverse-DBS, S/X, C/X/Ku-Rx-only, S/Ka, L/S and L/S/X bands.

The multi-band feed system can enhance the function of the antenna under low budget. We can provide a good solution according to your existing antenna and the function you want to achieve.

Multiband Feed System

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