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Receive Only Feed Network for Simultaneous C Band And Ku Band Operations on Large Aperture Antennas

Product Description

A variation on an existing antenna feed system for use on simultaneous C/Ku-band satellite ground terminals is presented. Multiband feed technology is usually used to Large Aperture antennas.

With the introduction of the Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) satellites, simultaneous operation in C-Band and in KU-Band will be a requirement for many terminals.           Advanced Microwave Technologies Co., Ltd is a provider of multiband feeds and has developed feed systems that operate simultaneously in C-Band and KU-Band in receive. 

1. Working frequency:

  C  band: 3.4~4.8GHz;                Ku  band: 10.75~12.75GHz;

2. Polarization mode: 

C-band: double circular/double linear;             Ku band: double linear;

The C-band feed source performs polarization switching according to the RHCP/VLP, LHCP/HLP agreed method, and the C-band circular/linear polarization is motorized switched, and the linear polarization surface can be remotely controlled motorized, and the adjustment range is ±92˚; The Ku frequency band can be adjusted independently, and the adjustment range is ±45˚.

3.  Circular Polarization Axis Ratio:≤1.06;

4. VSWR: 

Circular polarization≤1.25:1, Linear polarization≤1.25:1

5. Port isolation

Band isolation:50dB; linear polarization:30dB;  circular polarization:20dB.

6. Feed interface: 

C band:WR-229; Ku band:WR-75.

7. Feed insertion loss: 

C band: ≤0.3dB; Ku band: ≤0.5dB。






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