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Customized Services

Feed System Design

We can upgrade and retrofit the feed system, for example, by upgrading the C-band to Ku-band.

Feed Horn Design

We specialize in the multi-band or single band feed systems for commercial and military SATCOM applications as well as radio astronomy and remote sensing applications. Examples include C, X, Ku, Ka band as well as simultaneous Ku/Ka, X/Ku, X/Ka, S/X, S/Ka, L/S, Ku/Ku-Reverse-DBS, C/X/Ku-Rx-only and L/S/X bands.

Reflector Design

We supply antenna reflector optimisation and analysis, encompassing the full design and analysis.

Waveguide Components Design

Diplexer Design

Completed Antenna System Design

The team can provide varieties of antennas system designs at X-band, Ku-band and Ka-band, examples include Earth Station Antenna \Flyaway antenna \ VSAT\ vehicle-mounted antenna.

RF Design

RF design of waveguide filters, diplexers, bends and waveguide components is also available.





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