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  • 2022-12-05

    Ultra Wideband Ka Band 4 Port TX/RX Circular Polarization Diplexer

    Ultra Wideband Ka Band 4 Port TX/RX CircularPolarization Diplexer SpecificationsFrequency Range Tx: 27.50-31.00GHzRx: 17.70-21.20 GHzInsertion Loss Tx ≤0.35dBRx≤0.40 dBVSWR Tx≤1.25Rx≤1.25Isolation (Port to Port) Tx/Rx ≥85dBRx/Tx ≥85dBRx/Rx ≥20dBTx/Tx ≥20dBAxial RatioPower Handling 500W CW PER Tx Por

  • 2022-12-05

    INSATC4LP3D Diplexer- customized products for customer

    FREQUENCY BAND Rx: 4.5-4.8 GHzTx: 6.725-7.025 GHzINSERTION LOSS Rx: 0.40dB MAXTx: 0.30dB MAXVSWR Rx: 1.25:1 MAXTx: 1.25:1 GHzISOLATIONPORT TO PORT Tx/Rx: 85 dB MINRx/Tx: 85 dB MINRx/Rx: 35 dB MINTx/Tx: 35 dB MINCROSS POL :35 dB MAXPOWER HANDLING :5.0kW CW (2.5kW PER TX PORT)ESTIMATED WEIGHT : 25 LbS

  • 2022-12-05

    DBS Band 4 Port TX/RX Linear Polarization Diplexer for sale

    DBS Band 4 Port TX/RX Linear Polarization Diplexer Specifications Frequency Range Tx: 17.30-18.40GHz Rx: 10.70-12.75 GHz Insertion Loss Tx ≤0.35dB Rx≤0.40 dB VSWR Tx ≤1.35 Rx ≤1.35 Isolation (Port to Port) Tx/Rx ≥85dB Rx/Tx ≥85dB Rx/Rx ≥35dB Tx/Tx ≥35dB Power Handling 500W CW PER Tx Port (1KW TOTAL) Weight 7.5KG APPROXIMATE Pressure Sealed to 5.0 PSIG Finish Paint White Color Interface Tx: WR62 (BJ140) Rx: WR75 (BJ120) Remark: Different interfaces can be customized Unit: millimeter

  • 2023-05-09

    C band 4 port diplexer delivered to customer

    This is based on the delivery application of this C-band 4-port product, which can improve the performance of old antennas at a low cost.

  • 2023-04-11

    C/Ku Multiband Receive Only Feed System

    Ka&Ku multiband receive only feed network Description

  • 2023-02-23

    Standard C Band LP 4 Port Diplexer Delivered to the customer.

    Standard C Band LP 4PORT DIPLEXER Specifations





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