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DBS Band Feed Horns

Product Description

A feed horn (or feedhorn) is a small horn antenna used to couple a waveguide to e.g. a parabolic dish antenna or offset dish antenna for reception or transmission of microwave. A typical application is the use for satellite television reception with a satellite dish. In that case the feed horn can either be a separate part used together with e.g. a "low-noise block downconverter" (LNB), or more typically today is integrated into a "low-noise block feedhorn" (LNBF).

The feed horn minimizes the mismatch loss between the antenna and the waveguide.

For satellite uplink (e.g. for transmission of "Direct-To-Home" DTH TV programs, satellite news gathering SNG, satellite internet access or VSAT applications) a block upconverter (BUC) connects via a waveguide to the feedhorn, in order to transmit via the satellite dish to the communications satellite. For satellite TV reception the feedhorn is mounted at the feed arm of the satellite dish.

DBS Band Feed Horn Diagram and pattern

C band feed horn dimension

C band feed horn VSWR

C band feed horn VSWR01

C band feed horn VSWR02

C band feed horn VSWR03

C band feed horn VSWR04

Tx: 5.85-6.725GHz

Rx: 3.4-4.2

VSWR ≤1.25






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