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Waveguide To Coaxial Adapters

Product Description

Waveguide To Coaxial Adapters Description

Waveguide to coaxial adapters include WR-2300 to WR-51 waveguide sizes. 1.85mm, and 2.4mm, and 2.92mm, as well as N and SMA coaxial to WG.
Additionally, these WG to coax adapter deliver VSWR performance as low as 1.15:1 and are constructed from either aluminum, gold-plated aluminum or painted copper alloy.
Shortly, these adapters are offered Right angle and Endlaunch, and in a broad selection of waveguide sizes, flanges, connectors and materials. and are available with UG (square/round cover), CMR, CPR and UDR-style flanges.

Technical Specifications

  • Operation from 0.32 to 67 GHz.

  • Maximum VSWR as low as 1.5:1.

  • Waveguide sizes from WR-2300 to WR-19.

  • UG(square/round cover), CMR, CPR and UDR Style flanges are available.

  • Oxygen Free Hard Copper or Copper Alloy construction.

  • Style flanges available: Right Angle / End-launch, 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, N and SMA waveguide to coaxial adapters.

  • Precision machining ensures accurate and lasting performance.






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