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Single-channel Waveguide Rotary Joints

Product Description

Rotary Joint General Parameters

Rotary joint is mainly used for the connection of fixed part and rotating part in radar feeder system. It can be divided into type I, type L and type U according to the structure form, and can be divided into single, double and multiple rotary joints according to the composition channel.

Our products mainly include high-power waveguide rotary joints, circular waveguide rotary joints and single waveguide rotary joints, such as type I and L waveguide rotary joints. 

The circular waveguide rotary joint is mainly used to connect the fixed part and the rotating part in the circular waveguide system. The main structure form is type I, the frequency range of common specifications is from 2-31GHz, the average life is 5 million revolutions, the common power is 100W, 200W, aluminum oxidation, copper silver plating process.

Common Ku-band L-type rotary joint drawings and parameters are as follows:


Ku-band L-type rotary joint drawing

Ku Band L Type rotary joint

  1.  F(GHz): 13.75-14.5GHz;

  2. VSWR:                                               ≤ 1.2;

  3. VSWR WOW:                                    ≤ 0.05;

  4. LOSS(dB):                                          ≤ 0.2;

  5. Material: Aluminum

  6. Surface treatment: conductive oxidation






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